Does DataRevelation re-hash standard statistical techniques?  DataRevelation builds on known methodologies and pushes the technology to a new level (US patent 7,225,113).  DataRevelation "thinks" and is not limited to pre-defined models. The proof is in the quality of the models generated.  The fit is typically better than any competing model with the same number of terms.  

DataRevelation can automatically generate missing data approximations and use them during the creation of the model.

DataRevelation is very easy to use.  Is the analysis equally as simplistic?  Good software should be useable in 5 minutes with a simple interface. The instructions are only 7 pages long.  DataRevelation boils down a complex subjects, like statistical modeling, to easily manageable concepts.

The analysis itself is very sophisticated.  In automatic mode, the software makes all of the decisions.  In semi-automatic mode, the software will ask for user input into the functions selected for each independent variable by presenting a pick list of functions ordered by mathematical desirability.

The proof is in the quality of the models generated and in the verifiable fit.  A spreadsheet file of transformed independent variables, name_verify.csv, is automatically created that easily allows for the R-squared and coefficients to be verified using Excel's regression function (LINEST).      

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