Q:  What can your analysis tell me, other than giving me an equation?

A1:  This simple equation can predict the future
It will tell you what the value of (Y) will be if you change one or more of the independent variables (X).

A2:  The independent variables are ordered by importance so you can focus your energy in the best place.  The Student's T-test, and other analysis, is automatically calculated, and the software suggests which terms can be left out of the model.

A3:  A picture is worth a thousand words, and the graphs shows you how varying a single independent variable will effect the dependent variable (Y).

A4:  The individual transformations themselves can illuminate how the variables behave and are more educational, less complicated, and more accurate than polynomials.

Q:  Does DataRevelation
search through pre-defined models to find the best one like other statistical modeling software?

A:  No.  DataRevelation
"thinks" and can fit your data to an infinite variety of equations.  This is one of the capabilities of DataRevelation that makes it unique and powerful.  DataRevelation does use a finite number of families of functions such as exponential, logarithmic, logistic, etc.

Q:  The output can be viewed on the screen or printed.  What are the output spreadsheet files used for?

A1:  The spreadsheet files are useful to see more decimal places or if the information in the reports is truncated due to the size of the paper.

A2:  One spreadsheet file contains the transformed independent variables (calculated using the model) and the original dependent variable so the coefficients and fit can be verified using the standard regression feature of your spreadsheet software (LINEST in ExcelŽ).
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